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Stefan and Elena

♥about me;
I'm 23 25 going on 70. I do tend to complain a lot in here but it's just a place I like to vent my frustrations at. I am slightly obsessed with various television shows, movies, actors ETC. When I say slightly I obviously mean MAJOIRLY ;) I love music and I'm getting back into doing graphics. I am who I am. I'm just me. Boring shy me.

- True Blood
- Twilight
- Grey's Anatomy
- Toronto Maple Leafs
- Deadliest Catch
- Rob Pattinson
- U2
- Robert Downey Jr
- Stephen Moyer
- Vampire Diaries
- Paul Wesley
- The Good Wife
- Willica
- Stelena
- The Hunger Games

NOT loving this Bio...my OCD says it should be organized...*supresses it*